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Practice: Queer Representation Matters

BY NATALIE KRIKOWA — This research critically examines the evolution of queer representation in screen media and interrogates whether meaningful progress has been made.

Queer Representation Matters (2023) is an interactive, online documentary that responds to ‘The Seeing Ourselves: Reflections on Diversity in TV Drama Report’ (Screen Australia 2016), which details the deficiency of inclusive storytelling in Australian scripted TV.

The methodological approach, resulting artefact/s and discussions stimulated by the project not only advance scholarly discourse but also demonstrate innovative approaches to scholarly research that engages with audiences outside the academy, and thereby enriches the research and its impact. 

Through a curated selection of video clips, interviews, and textual examples spanning decades, users are invited to traverse the historical trajectory of queer representation in media. The i-doc transcends traditional academic boundaries, leveraging participatory digital media to democratise access to discussions of media representation. By engaging media professionals, students, and wider audiences in interactive dialogue, this project fosters greater understanding and empathy for the importance of representation in media narratives.

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Dr. Natalie Krikowa (she/they) is a media scholar and creative practice researcher at the University of Technology Sydney. Natalie holds a Doctor of Creative Arts in media and cultural studies and currently teaches in digital media and screenwriting. Natalie’s research focuses on issues surrounding LGBTIQA+ representation in screen studies, popular culture, and transmedia. Natalie’s queer-focused creative works include The Newtown Girls (2012), All Our Lesbians Are Dead! (2017), and Queer Representation Matters (2023), underscoring her commitment to amplifying LGBTQIA+ voices and narratives through storytelling.

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