NiTRO Creative Matters

Perspectives on creative arts in higher education

Artistic Practice

I teach into the field of studio-based craft and design (SBCD). When it comes to teaching SBCD there are some particular challenges.

Victorian College of the Arts  at the University of Melbourne is moving into a new generation of Actor’s Training. We have taken the current Theatre Practice degree and divided it into a BFA in Acting and a BFA in Theatre. With the competitive nature of the entertainment industry, we feel

In our current climate of Higher Education funding cuts, academics are dealing with many tasks and additional administration as part of their job. As the pressures on academics mount, part-time and casual positions in academia have become the rule rather than the exception

Transdisciplinary thinking, creating and collaborating provides a future of endless potential. Only with a foundation of education for all, ethical reflexivity and collective consciousness is there hope for the ‘humanity’ of the Homo sapiens.

The beginning of an international research project to consider the factors that influence artistic and cultural practice in the ASEAN region.