NiTRO Creative Matters

Perspectives on creative arts in higher education

Edition 27

Congratulations to colleagues at UNSW Art and Design who have secured three ARC Linkage grants recently:  Professor Dennis Del Favero, will investigate an interactive spatial aesthetic for modelling operatic rehearsal design to optimise and streamline design processes in the performing arts industry; Dr Guy Keulemans, will generate new knowledge in

MLIVE at Monash University Clayton has launched the Sound Gallery Sessions, music live-streamed from the David Li Sound Gallery from 7pm each Wednesday. The line up includes Deborah Conway and Willy Zygier, Lior and Paul Grabowsky, and Hoang Pham. More information:

The University of Melbourne Nourish your mind website provides access to a range of student dance performances, creative talent skills and art and artifacts in the Ian Potter Museum. More information:

Welcome to the 27th edition of NiTRO. It is difficult to know where to start to write an introduction that will not seem out of date by the time it is published. The COVID-19 virus has changed our world forever, and let us hope that some of what we

A Massachusetts Institute of Technology team, led by musician and engineer Markus Buehler, have employed AI to convert the shape of protein structures found on SARS-CoV-2 into a musical equivalent resulting in a score with a “pleasant, even relaxing, tone”. By capturing the arrangement of amino acids and protein chains into audible

The Australia Council has announced that it will provide approximately $5 million to the 2020 Resilience Fund to provide support for Australian artists experiencing negative effects of COVID 19. Funding, by application, is available in three streams: Survive: Small grants for individuals, groups and organisations to offset or recoup money lost

The Australian Research Council has announced a delay to the planned the ERA Engagement and Impact Review. The public consultation phase will now take place towards the end of 2020 and the ARC will report back on outcomes of the consultation in 2021. The next rounds for ERA and EI

Along with all other scholarly academies, the Australian Academy of Humanities is inviting humanities researchers to register as experts for the Australian COVID 19 database to inform government future policy. The list of areas of humanities expertise suggested are: lessons from past experiences of epidemics, pandemics and quarantine community responses to

The Australian Academy of Humanities has delayed its grant deadlines until 5 June 2020. This revised deadline applies to the following AAH grant schemes: Max Crawford Medal Medal for Excellence in Translation John Mulvaney Fellowship Humanities Travelling Fellowships Publication Subsidy Scheme Ernst and Rosemarie Keller Fund Further details are available

Those planning to attend the Art Association of Australia and New Zealand (AAANZ) Conference this year will be relieved to know that, due to COVID challenges, the conference will be delayed for 12 months. The event planned for 2020 will now take place in Sydney in December 2021. The annual