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As a visual artist, my practice led-research is into frontier scientific technologies and computational aesthetics has resulted in transdisciplinary outcomes in the field of 4D Microcomputed X-ray tomography. Yet when I took my first permanent academic position as a part time lecturer in Foundation Studies, in 2015, I became responsible

UK organisations the Cultural Learning Alliance and NESTA have added to the STEM to STEAM debate with a  briefing paper entitled ‘STEAM: Why STEM can only take us so far’   that argues for a cross disciplinary approach to education to meet the demands of industry and sustainability for future employment. 

Pennsylvania State University’s College of Arts and Architecture and Teaching and Learning with Technology has just launched a new centre which may be of interest to those in art education research. The Center for Arts and Design Pedagogy (C-PAD) focuses on arts and design pedagogies, research, and professional development that