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Perspectives on creative arts in higher education


A new report ‘Reshaping policies for creativity: addressing culture as a global public good’ released by UNESCO has called upon governments across the world to improve labour protection and wages for artists and cultural workers. Commentary in The Guardian noted that the global creative economy had lost over 10 million

The 2017 plenary meeting of IETM,  the International network for contemporary performing arts,  met in Bucharest in April to consider the current position of artists in cultural policies. In 1980, UNESCO adopted a recommendation to protect the rights of artists to establish unions and professional associations and for these associations

The 2006 World Congress on Arts Education, held in Lisbon, Portugal resulted in an important document for arts education- the UNESCO Roadmap for Arts Education. Reflecting UNESCO’s themes of access and equity, its main aims were to: uphold the human right to education and cultural participation; develop individual capabilities; improve