NiTRO Creative Matters

Perspectives on creative arts in higher education


In late 2019, a panel of design educators came together at the ACUADS conference to launch the Communication Design Educators Network and discuss what we saw then as big questions: Is tradition serving or stunting us? And, are the most valuable skills future design practitioners need today being taught?

As a musician and researcher, I recognise interdisciplinarity as virtually ubiquitous amongst creative and research fields, in spite of inevitable resistance from some. Its purpose is generally to foster innovation, which depends on the extension of possibilities beyond the familiar.

A new report ‘Recalibrating culture: production, consumption, policy’ from the Institute for Culture and Society at Western Sydney University sheds new light on the nature of artistic and cultural practice in Western Sydney. Supported by ARC Linkage Projects funding, Professor Deborah Stevenson and her team investigated the needs and practices