NiTRO Creative Matters

Perspectives on creative arts in higher education

Edition 19, 2019 – Arts Policy Futures

As a booming young innovator, Australia’s portfolio of success is impressive, with contributions as varied as the first feature film, Wi-Fi, Gardasil, the Fairlight sampling synthesiser, the secret ballot and the black box flight recorder. The Adelaide Festival’s 1996 nod to the Hills Hoist playfully acknowledged the inherent link between artistic creativity and applied innovation.

A slow starter … sometimes tries but is easily distracted and could do better”. This ‘school report card’ was my summing up … of the first five years of implementation of the Australian Curriculum: Arts.

Art Education Australia (AEA) is the peak national professional association that supports and promotes art education at all levels as an integral part of general education and art education research in Australia … It is critically important that the Arts speak with a strong and united voice, particularly at the government level.

ASPERA is working towards better recognition of the myriad practices occurring in teaching and research by screen production academics nationally.  We would like to work more closely with policy makers to better support screen production inputs and outputs in the overlapping spheres of arts, culture and education.

Tertiary arts does not operate in a vacuum. As tertiary education helps to shape the professional landscape in which our students will work, tertiary education is itself shaped by the perspectives and experiences that our students bring from their primary and secondary education.