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A slow starter … sometimes tries but is easily distracted and could do better”. This ‘school report card’ was my summing up … of the first five years of implementation of the Australian Curriculum: Arts.

Art Education Australia (AEA) is the peak national professional association that supports and promotes art education at all levels as an integral part of general education and art education research in Australia … It is critically important that the Arts speak with a strong and united voice, particularly at

There is a growing sense that something is happening in the arts and creative sector.  The sector is finding its collective voice at state, national and regional level, with terms such as ‘artist-led’, ‘artist-driven’, ‘sector-driven’ being used in the development of programs and policy. This visibility and attention to the

In August 2017, I curated a week-long festival at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music and the Seymour Centre, University of Sydney, entitled “Out of the Shadows: rediscovering Jewish music and theatre”. This was the fourth of five festivals staged around the world, part of a large research project called Performing