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“Nine ways to reflect on how art can contribute to sustainability transformations” Dr. Joost Vervoort “The 9 Dimensions tool creates a shared language between creators, funders and researchers. It is designed to recognize and reflect on the multidimensional richness of creative practice and what it can do to create a

Expanded Second Edition (2024) Ed. Lucy Cotter “Reclaiming Artistic Research – Expanded Second Edition (2024) explores artistic research in dialogue with 24 artists worldwide and embraces artists’ dynamic engagement with other fields. Reclaiming the term “artistic research” from its academic associations, the book foregrounds the material, spatial, embodied, organizational, choreographic, and

By Phoebe Hart “This book explores the industrial and personal challenges faced by filmmakers in bringing the current worldwide craze for documentary films and series to screens small and large. Utilizing a number of case studies drawn from in-depth interviews with acclaimed documentary directors, producers, and screenwriters from around the

Edited By Maiju Loukola, Mari Mäkiranta, Jonna Tolonen “This edited volume breaks new ground for understanding peripheries and peripherality by providing a multidisciplinary cross-exposure through a collection of chapters and visual essays by researchers and artists. The book is a collection of approaches from several disciplines where the spatial, conceptual,

An exhibition model specifically designed for art and artistic research located outside traditional exhibition circuits. ‘A key feature of Project Anywhere’s global exhibition model has been its approach to selection and evaluation. A robust and exhaustive approach, in which the function of the curator is substituted for a democratising double-blind

Ellen Oh + Robin Wander for the Stanford Report ‘Oh discusses the role of interdisciplinary arts on a university campus, what makes a good collaboration, and why connecting artists with academics is about more than making research look pretty… Applying an artist’s way of thinking can inspire innovation, social and

“Challenges for practice research reflect broader issues around knowledge production and academic hierarchies, say Bill Balaskas and Katia Chornik” Read more @ THE…

Special Issue: Mobile and Smartphone Filmmaking – Past, Present & Future Issue 5, 2023 “Welcome to the fifth issue of Sightlines: Filmmaking in the Academy. This special issue of the journal is led by guest editorial lead, Associate Professor Max Schleser, and features a selection of works from the Mobile

“HUB is a peer-reviewed and open-access research journal for reporting on arts, design, and performing arts. …HUB has been created to bridge a gap within the current cross-disciplinary space of arts and design research by providing a platform for exchanging ideas to foster new forms of inquiry and documentation of

“Expositions are imaginary objects. Even when they are made physically, for instance, on the computer when preparing a submission to JAR, they only work when the elements making up what is assembled come together in a particular form. On its own, each element may offer numerous points of entry and