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A new report by Diversity Arts Australia has called for a range of measures to include representation of CALD Australians in arts leadership and increased research and policy inclusion measures. The report, Shifting the Balance: Cultural Diversity in Leadership within the Australian Arts, Screen and Creative Sectors, revealed that CALD

There’s a certain irony about teaching philanthropy to future arts and cultural managers at a university because universities are amongst the major competitors of arts organisations for philanthropy managers.

Diversity. The word is thrown around a lot. As a contemporary artist, I’m witnessing a moment where, more than ever, institutions are being held accountable to certain standards for equity and diversity.

A new report into UK film, broadcasting, publishing and performing arts has revealed a startling lack of diversity within the sector. The report, Panic! Social Class, Taste and Inequalities in the Creative Industries produced by Dave O’Brien, Orian Brook, and Mark Taylor from Edinburgh and Sheffield Universities, includes interviews with nearly 250 professionals