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Suf St James creates artworks completely within the social media app, “Snapchat” to challenge how women are subjected to abuse online. “This is the work people seem most interested in,” Suf said.

Jessica Schwientek is known by her fellow artists as a “dirty photographer”. “I was always getting told off by how dirty and filthy my negatives were,” Jessica said. “I didn’t realize at the time that my lecturer did a similar thing . . .”

Catherine Holder, past student, author and performer, is sitting at the share table at Corner Café, a popular lunch spot at the Burwood campus of Deakin University.

She graduated with Honours from her Bachelor of Creative Arts, Drama, in April this year and is here to catch up with members of

“I think going to university was definitely the right choice for me,” said visual artist and Deakin University final-year student Alice Radford.  “If I wasn’t at university I wouldn’t have bothered to do the research, or have the resources to do the research, to create the works that I have,”

Creative artist Louise Richardson, 23, said it was her father’s death from cancer that made her realise she wanted to follow her passion.

“We are very visual people, could you imagine a world without colour or without any pictures, without any lettering, without any drawing, literally a blank world?’’

For Deakin University graduate, visionary artist Marta Oktaba “When you strip it back to a blank world of just grey blocks all around us there

When Deakin University graduate Maddison Newman decided to create a performance to show audiences what it was like to live with the chronic pain she knew the process would not be easy.  But the winner of the Vice-Chancellor's Medal for Recognising Excellence, which honours students who experience hardship while studying,