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INTERMISSION – Tailored Education for Australian Entertainment Industry Workers

As we work our way back on the road to recovery our entertainment workers need to take care of their own mental health. The unstabling events around COVID-19 have had a devastating effect on our people at all levels. Entertainment Assist has provided as much free support content and resources as possible during this time but as industry commences opening up, empowering productivity and performance capacity will be paramount.

INTERMISSION the program has been developed using an evidence-informed research report; “Working in the Australian Entertainment Industry” by Victoria University, Entertainment Assist and Victoria College of the Arts in 2016, where the troubling statistics for workers in the industry indicated:

  • Suicide is double that of the general population

  • Moderate to severe anxiety is 10 times higher

  • Depression is 5 times higher

  • and sadly 5 people each week try and take their own life.

With a “prevention-first” lens, INTERMISSION aims to enable industry workers to self manage and support others through practical frameworks, facilitation, resources, support pathways and professional services.

The INTERMISSION program is tailored specifically to address the needs of the Australian entertainment industry and further customised to focus on individual industry segments.

Participants can expect learning outcomes that include better mental health literacy, an ability to identify common mental health challenges, ways to have effective conversations, self care strategies, peer to peer management tools and identification resources and pathways to support. Presented is a style of storytelling and analogy, INTERMISSION is a highly engaging and positive program that’s both educational and entertaining!

If you would like to know more about the INTERMISSION program or Entertainment Assist research you will find it at

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