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By Professor Patricia Aufderheide — Australia has one of the most restrictive copyright regimes in the world. Australian creators have fewer ways to access unlicensed copyright material than almost anywhere else.

Melbourne artist and VCA lecturer Jon Campbell has sued retail company Target for ‘ripping off’ one of his works in their ‘Affordable Art’ home wares product line. Work from his ‘YEAH’ series of works has sold for up to $50,000 compared to the Target wall hanging which retails at $14. 

Visiting Fulbright Scholar Professor Patricia Aufderheide from the American University School of Communication in Washington is working with colleagues at QUT to gather information from artists and creators on how creators use copyright material in their work via a national survey to explore what works in copyright exceptions and limitations

Writing in the Australian recently, Julie Hare raised the building tension between universities and the likes of Google and Facebook who want to see changes in current copyright law, suggested in the recent Productivity report, and strong opposition from artists and the Copyright Agency Limited. As academic staff and students,