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DDCA Board Member, Beata Batorowicz is involved in the Undercurrent: Arts and Wellbeing exhibition: featuring work from Brisbane-based artist Lisa Hobbs, who has worked as a paramedic for around 20 years and is currently undertaking a Higher Degree Research PhD through UniSQ, and Associate Professor in Sculpture (Visual Arts) and

The University of Melbourne’s First Commissions project invited emerging artists to respond to the commission briefs that resulted in some of the world’s most iconic artistic works. Without knowing the famous artistic works that originally resulted, 30 emerging artists were invited to respond to the commission briefs that inspired: Michelangelo’s

UNSW galleries pay tribute to the late, and much missed, academic and artist Debra Porch in an exhibition of her work, drawing upon Debra’s projects from 1979 to 2017 and including many first time exhibits. Curator Jose Da Silva said: “UNSW Galleries is excited to be staging the first institutional survey

UNSW students in Engineering, Built Environment and Art & Design will showcase the only student created installation to be included in Vivid 2019 I Sydney. Suspended in the overseas passenger terminal, the 8-metre  x 8-metre “Celestial Pancake” uses LED lights and music to generate changing patterns to represent the night sky