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By Dr Charulatha Mani — Regardless of whether an individual makes a conscious effort to understand why or how music operates the way it does in their life, music continues to permeate the life-course. A visit to the gym or a café; a long car ride; or the wedding of

The primary impact of 2020/COVID-19 on the UQ School of Music has been increased pressure in all domains: change and adaptation in teaching, lost opportunities in research, and decreased engagement opportunities.

The UQ Drama Creative Fellowship, piloted in 2014, brings a playwright of national standing to UQ’s School of Communication and Arts each year to provide workshops, masterclasses and lectures. These activities have focussed both on the craft of playwriting and on the dramaturgy, or attributes, of the playtext. In

Multi-award-winning writer and indigenous activist Dr Anita Heiss has been appointed as Professor of Communication at the University of Queensland, in a joint appointment between the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Studies Unit and the School of Communication and Arts. Professor Heiss is a prolific writer of non-fiction, historical fiction, children’s