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Arts Funding

The UK government has announced a GBP£1.57 billion funding package to support its arts and heritage sector to survive the impacts of COVID 19. The funding, roughly equivalent to AUD$2.8 billion, includes: A £1.15bn support pot for cultural organisations in England, consisting of £270m in loans and £880m in grants

With recent reports estimating that 3 out of 4 employed in the creative and performing arts sector facing job losses, Jo Caust’s recent article in The Conversation provides a timely consideration of how governments in Australia and internationally are seeking to ameliorate these losses. In the UK, A$319 million has

According to recent media reports, nearly two thirds of expression of interest applications for operational funding from arts organisations to the Australia Council have been rejected in the first round. This year was the first to adopt this EOI approach to securing funding for January 2021 to December 2024. Those

The New South Wales Government has recently announced changes to its Arts and Cultural Funding Program including the creation of specific art form boards to conduct assessment of applications. Writing in The Guardian, National Association for the Visual Arts (NAVA) Executive Director Esther Anatolitis has expressed concern about the impact

The Washington Post reveals that US President Donald Trump’s first budget plan includes the intention to eliminate four longstanding cultural agencies that would ‘radically reshape the nation’s cultural infrastructure’. Confirming fears expressed by arts policy watchers, outlined in the last edition of NiTRO, the National Endowment for the Arts (NEA),

As the world’s media fascinates with the daily twists and turns of the Trump administration in national security, trade relations and social cohesion, creative artists in the US have been expressing concerns about future funding for the arts.  According to a range of US news sources, the new President’s views

David Bowie virtually invented it. Madonna was the mistress of it. Reinvention. Publicly peeling away layers of identity revealing personae of varying degrees of style and substance. It’s what many artists do as a matter of course, a process of regeneration. . .