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New Zealand

“Over the ditch” in New Zealand, both of Dunedin’s major tertiary institutions will start the year with new creative leadership. At the University of Otago, Professor Anthony Ritchie takes over as Head of the new Performing Arts school with the task of bringing together the music, theatre and dance programmes

Five art and design colleges in New Zealand have joined together to create New Zealand’s largest independent creative tertiary education institution. Yoobee Colleges brings together South Seas Film & Television School, Animation College, Yoobee School of Design, and AMES – The Institute of IT and Design and Arts (Canterbury) to offer a

NZ government and the University of Canterbury have pooled investments to provide NZ$7million into the University’s Applied Immersive Gaming Initiative, which uses gaming technologies like virtual reality, augmented reality, social, and artistic concepts to improve public engagement with activities such as quitting smoking, increasing exercise and school learning. The research,

New Zealand PM Jacinda Aderne has pledged to “place more emphasis on integrating the arts and culture sector into all policy areas, into our regional economic development strategy”.  Speaking on the launch of the most recent report into New Zealanders and the Arts, she said, “You only need to look

Like many of us who supervise research in Creative Arts practice, I spend a lot of my time navigating what I do not know. Perhaps this is part of the attraction of mentoring research at this level. Although I have been supervising Creative Arts PhDs for almost 20 years, I