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After requests from its membership, The Australian Council of Deans and Directors of Creative Arts (DDCA) is opening up NiTRO to guest editing by its member organisations. This gives DDCA members the opportunity to identify a focus or issue of importance for an edition and to bring new voices (as well

NiTRO celebrates its third anniversary in July 2019. Since our first edition in July 2016 we have produced 22 editions, which have been accessed by nearly 30,000 users from across the world. NiTRO articles are increasingly cited in scholarly literature and general media, and included in institutional repositories. While readership

New DDCA Web Officer Tom Barton. This will be the last edition of NiTRO for Travis Cox who has been our fabulous web officer since January 2017. Over the past few editions Travis has been combining his work on NiTRO with a position at the Virtual/Augmented Reality company FGMNT, and from

NiTRO, the communication arm of the DDCA, now has its own web address – The standalone URL provides a direct route to the advocacy and insights from across the research community that NiTRO offers and which has grown steadily since our first edition nearly 12 months ago. Since June 2016 we