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At the DDCA Annual General Meeting held in Melbourne this year, the DDCA Executive said farewell to two of its members. Professors Su Baker and Dennis del Favero. Interim President Professor Craig Batty thanked them for their contribution to DDCA and in particular Professor Su Baker, DDCA’s Founding President who has played

Creative Arts staff at DDCA member institutions are invited to contribute to upcoming editions of NiTRO: Edition 42: The state of the PhD in Creative Arts. (Co-editor: Professor David Cross, Deakin) deadline for contributions: 27 May 2022 Edition 43: Collaboration and interdisciplinarity (working title) (Co-editor: Professor Vanessa Tomlinson, Griffith) deadline

The recordings of the 2021 ACUADS/DDCA Conference have now been edited and uploaded. To access the recordings, you can visit the 2021 ACUADS/DDCA Conference website. The recordings are listed under each session in the schedule. You can also access the recordings via the ACUADS Youtube channel. 

As Editor of NiTRO I write a report for the DDCA board at the end of each year. This year, I want to share this five-year report with you.

In mid-2021 the DDCA commissioned Outside Opinion to undertake a snapshot of creative arts activity in Australian higher education between 2019 and 2021. Responses from organisations in five states provided valuable insights into enrolment trends and contextual factors affecting the creative arts programs.

Congratulations to DDCA Board member Professor Craig Batty who was named by as top researcher in the field of film in The Australian’s 2021 Research Magazine list of 250 best researchers. Congratulations also to Professor Denise Ferris who received a Lifetime Achievement award at the recent ACUADS conference.

By Professor Cat Hope — I am always glad to hear a representative from the Australian Academy for the Humanities (AAH) in the media, speaking so articulately for better support of the humanities in higher education and demanding recognition of the humanities as key to a healthy society.

After requests from its membership, The Australian Council of Deans and Directors of Creative Arts (DDCA) is opening up NiTRO to guest editing by its member organisations. This gives DDCA members the opportunity to identify a focus or issue of importance for an edition and to bring new voices (as well

Does Australia need a Chief Artist as well as a Chief Scientist? This is one of the questions discussed in a new edition of Policy Forum Pod. Professors Kim Cunio (ANU), Denise Ferris (ANU), and DDCA President Clive Barstow (ECU) discuss the value of Australia’s arts sector and what policymakers

Congratulations to DDCA Vice President Cat Hope who has been appointed to the advisory board of the Australian Alliance for Wellness in Entertainment (AAWE). Program Manager Bianca Crosling explained a little more about AAWE and Professor Hope’s role: “The Australian Alliance for Wellness in Entertainment is an advisory group which