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Perspectives on creative arts in higher education


In ‘The long and winding road’ (NiTRO, Edition 20, 2019), Professor Carol Gray offers up ‘an alternative way of considering the role of artefacts / creative works in a doctoral submission, by offering the liberating concept of ‘epistemic objects’ – their possible forms and agencies, and the alternative display/sharing of

TOP 5 OF 2023

Each issue of Creative Matters will focus a particular theoretical work on the topic of creative practice research. For this edition we put out a call to the community to share their most dear, influential or go-to publications. The list below is long, the dates span 1993-2022, and we also

Hot on the heels of the ANZSRC review, the Australian Research Council has announced that it will shortly begin its public consultation to review the Excellence in Research for Australia (ERA) and the Engagement and Impact assessment (EI). The review is being conducted to ensure these programs reflect best practice

A panel of experts has been established to review the 2015 Science and Research Priorities as they apply to the Australian Research Council’s (ARC) National Competitive Grants Program (NCGP). The panel will consider how the existing priorities are used in the NCGP process; whether the structure of the existing priorities