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A new report produced by the National Endowment for the Arts and the US Bureau of Economic Analysis highlights the economic impact of COVID on the arts and culture sector in the US. It notes that the performing arts were one of the hardest hit areas of the US economy suffering

Recent online interviews with Professor Carol Becker, Dean of the Columbia University School of the Arts, and Professor Rob Cutietta, Dean of the Thornton School of Music, University of Southern California (USC), offered insights into the impact of 2020 on the tertiary arts sector on the eastern and western

New research published by Economics Professor Karol Jan Borowiecki highlights the importance of including artistic activity in economics analysis. Professor Borowiecki looked at artists in the US across four domains: visual arts, literary arts, performing arts, and music over 160 years to explore how they shape society. He looked at both ‘famous’ artists and, using census data, ‘artists

Harvard University has just opened a new laboratory devoted to research into art creation and interdisciplinary creativity. The Art Lab will include students, staff and visiting artists involved in art making and “creating on the spot”. The official opening featured dancers, musicians, video and photo artists highlighting the interdisciplinary nature

The Metropolitan Museum of Art has announced that 56 scholars have been awarded fellowships to conduct art history, curatorial and other research in 2019-2020. Fellows are drawn from 18 countries across the world and over 30 Universities. Sadly, Australia isn’t represented in this round but applications are being accepted for

Major art galleries and museums in the UK and US are being challenged to consider the ethics of their gift acceptance policies following a wave of protests. In the UK, 350 protesters occupied the British Museum to protest the Museum’s sponsorship relationship, and particularly its sponsorship of its I am