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Does Australia need a Chief Artist as well as a Chief Scientist? This is one of the questions discussed in a new edition of Policy Forum Pod. Professors Kim Cunio (ANU), Denise Ferris (ANU), and DDCA President Clive Barstow (ECU) discuss the value of Australia’s arts sector and what policymakers

The consulting firm and friend of the DDCA, Research Strategies Australia, has just released a new podcast series focussed on the future of the higher education and public research sectors. The Research Strategies Australia Podcast includes interviews with colleagues from around the globe working at the cutting edge of research

Notable Values is a specialist performing arts innovation consultancy led by Susan Eldridge, former Director and Founder of IgniteLAB and Associate Lecturer in Music (Entrepreneurship) at the Melbourne Conservatorium of Music. Susan has announced two new initiatives that may be of interest to NiTRO readers. Innovation in Higher Music Education: